now HERE 's some thoughts on loom.

i played this in the span of one evening because, to be honest, it's not that long a game. i expected it to be longer and that's probably the main thing i'm gonna talk about here: the ending!

the game is set up in such a way that while it DOES feel complete, a few key lines near the end led me to believe it was going to become one of those games that loops back on itself to lead to a larger overarching story (especially the line about "beginning our destiny anew", said by cygna). i was kind of under the impression the game would begin again with all the notes on the distaff and you would explore the same areas again with different consequences, restarting until Chaos's eventual defeat. i was wrong, and while i think that would be a really interesting idea for a game, i wasn't too disappointed in the ending! it felt more like a slice of a much larger picture, but by no means was it an incomplete slice. it was like receiving a single piece of a cake instead of a whole cake: you know the rest of the cake (in this metaphor, referring to the world built in loom) has to be amazing, but you're still pretty damn content with what you've got. to add a pun to this bleak and pun-less thought splat, the way in which the game leaves many LOOSE THREADS makes me yearn for more, but i appreciate it a great deal for what it is. definitely unlike anything i've played, from the storyline to the game mechanic.

the only two minor complaints i had was the fact that the spoken dialogue and subtitles/animated actions don't sync (a product of their time more than anything else), and a soundtrack is essentially non-existent. if u can get past those small issues, though (which, for your sake, don't miss out on this great game), i'd recommend checking it out.